Green Hotel

Thermal and acoustic insulation are obtained with are precise use of materials and innovative solutions.

Prefabricated and eco-ventilated panels for the exterior facade, finished internally by a counterweight consisting oftwo 12.5 mm coated plasterboards. On one side, mounted on metal profiles in galvanized steel sheet, with a layerof panels of fibrous material 40 mm thick. And 40 kg / mc of density.

The internal dividing walls of the total thickness of 212.5 mm, consisting of 12.5 mm coated plasterboard sheets inthe number of 2 partition slats suitable for metal profiles in galvanized sheet. While a coated plasterboard wasinstalled on the inner side as a diaphragm to improve the acoustic appearance at the electrical boxes.

Insertion into the technical gap between the uprights of the metal structure, of fibrous material of a thickness of 40mm. and 40 kg / mc of density.

A reduction of 70% in energy consumption is achieved without gas emissions in the atmosphere.

This result is tanks to Geothermal energy combined with “water to water” heat pumps, that provide heat and cool air conditioning and sanitary hot water production.

This solution supersedes all traditional methane gas boilers and refrigeration refrigeration units, which have considerable electrical absorption.

As we don’t need any fuel, there is no danger of:

  • Loss of gas
  • Loss of carbon monoxide by boiler discharges
  • Storage at high risk of fire, which in case of breakage may disperse its contents to the ground, resulting in contamination and pollution of the soils and the foams.
The type of heat pump with total energy recovery allows in the summer cycle the production of hot water by recovering total heat and then producing hot water with no cost.
Two wells have been built for the use of groundwater. The first one for drawing at 30 meters of depth and the second for the release at a depth of 15 meters. It is very important to note that the water drawn from the springs is in no way treated or chemically altered and it is restrained in its entirety, only at a temperature slightly different from when it is withdrawn (max +/- 5).

Photovoltaic panels installed in roof and perimeter enclosures with a power of 38.6 kw. Allow to produce for the moment, 1/10 of the electrical requirements necessary for the management of the hotel. They are organized so that they do not have any visual impact on the side shelves (n ° 100 ca per side), for a surface of ca 160 sqm,
divided as follows:

  •  N ° 100 panels eastwards with an incline of 28 ° on the east and west sides
  •  N ° 100 panels facing west with an incline of 28 ° on the east and west sides
We have also provided an area of 300 sqm on the cover, where it is possible to increase the number of photovoltaic panels, placed 30 ° on the south side, so that it can reach 1/6 approx. Of the electrical requirements.

Solar Panels, a solar thermal system placed on the top floor with 8 collectors for a 32 sqm surface, south facing for the production of hot water for primary healthcare, integrated during the milder seasons or at times of strong first- rate demand From heat pumps and, if necessary, electric resistances. During the summer months we can say that we almost completely meet the needs of domestic hot water, producing it exclusively with solar-thermal panels.
Building Automation, a facility for controlling and managing the hotel, aimed at security and energy optimization, allows control of the operation of the devices. Allows you to always control each individual room (room, restaurant, common space, etc.) and change its operating parameters, make time schedules of the temperatures, set the activation of distributed users in the structure.
The room with magnetic cards allows you to optimize your consumption by setting the parameters according to the state of use of the environment. Sleep windows equipped with magnetic contacts, which in case of opening provide for automatic blocking of the plants.

The automatic shutdown of the lights and the installation of the comfort of the plants allows energy savings of 30% approx. The electrical system, made using energy-efficient equipment and lighting fixtures. For the rooms we used almost exclusively high efficiency LED technology, for corridors we use high efficiency LEDs and fluorescence lamps, while for common areas and for outdoor lighting we preferred fluorescence excluding façades for which Impact lighting requires the use of metallic iodide lamps. Completely managed by the "Building Automation" plant, it will
optimize its use.
The elevator, equipped with an innovative "Evolux" energy management and recovery system, thanks to a battery system runs only 0.7 kw. Of power with voltage 220 v. This system also optimizes travel and waiting times and always obtains maximum performance by varying the speed in function of the load present in the cab. This system
also allows for black-out normal operation without the use of UPS.
The kitchen, for its realization, have been used as a cutting edge solution:

  • Induction plates, which allow to cook much faster and without any thermal dispersion in the environment and saving up to 60% on energy costs thanks to the receptacle presence recognition system.
  • Ventilated thermal convection oven with automatic energy saving "Energy Saving"
  • Quick-easy electronic energy-saving dishwasher with energy-saving, low power consumption for single washing (3 liters).
The use of this type of equipment allows less heating of the kitchen environment, reducing the effort of the fridge engines, which results in lower energy consumption.